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No. 1 - What Is Mysticism?
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For this preliminary part of your studies, study the pages and do the tasks below. The blinking asterisk signifies the major page or pages in this area. The other pages are minor, but very significant in your studies. The Reference pages further down, below the seperation line, are for you to study at the same time you study the subjects above the line.

These are the internal links and instructions that you should follow for this section of your studies:

1. Notify us when you start the E-Study by using this quick form.

2. What is Mysticism? - Part one

3. What is Mysticism? - Part two

4. Fratres and Sorores

5. Yes, You Too Can Become A Mystic - How To Study On Your Own Without A "School".

6. This Explains About Frater CRC And Also Serves As The Home Page For The CRC Community Website.

7. Choices For Your Mystical Spiritual Path. Important Choices When You Are Choosing A Spiritual Path. Special Caution For Rosicrucian Students.

8. Our Founding Fathers Of America - For Those That Cherish Religious and Mystical Freedom

9. Go to the Assignment Forum(ES2)" and post a short answer to the following questons: 1. Why are you interested in studying Mysticism? 2. Have you made preparations for the Textbooks required in the future Study Plans?

10. The Preparation Of A Mystic. - Read this to understand more about our study plan here. The subjects mentioned on this page are given in various stages of your study plan, so you do not have to study them from this page. This page is primarily intended for those that are not studying from these study plans - e-study.

11. The Mystical Art Gallery is to acquaint you with Mystical / Rosicrucian art. Check it out, but you will not be required to study it at this time.

12. Go to the Assignment Forum Board (ES2) and post a short but comprehensive posting in your own words: An original short defination for Mysticism.

13. Go to the Initiation Ritual Number One. Read the instructions and prepare for your Ritual. Please do not read the actual ritual, at the bottom of the page, until you have read all of the preparations first and are ready to start the ritual..

14. Give us a short Report of Your Initiation Ritual using this form.

These are the internal links, including the "Recommended Texbooks", that you should refer to, for study and research during the time you are also reading and studying the above pages. Keep these in mind during your studies. These pages will appear on all of your study plans. Different instructions will be found on each study plan. These important links are also found on the Home Page listed under "Reference Pages" - well marked with blinking asterisks, for your convenience.

1. Recommended Textbooks - In this first short "Study Plan", no textbooks are required. You should look over the "Recommended Textbooks Page" and purchase the books immediately for your next and all future study plans. If you cannot afford to purchase these books, you might try your local library and used book shop.

2. The Virtual Library Of Mysticism and Comparative Religion - This document will be very important for your studies in the future. Get acquainted with it, but you will not need to use it at this time.

3. Meditation For Beginners. - Important in all your studies. Start reading and practicing the warming exercises and the breath counting meditation as directed. Keep reading and referring to this page often during your e-studies.

4. The Mystical Code of Life. - You should work on this constantly during your studies. It might take a year to make this entire code part of your life. This code is as important as your studies.

5. FAQ - Refer to this page periodically to check for updates as they are added.

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