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Your Study Plan:
No. 4 - Kabbalah
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Read and study the Kabbalah Page as your major subject here, but remember to continue with the "reference" pages below. You will have more time now to continue with the pages below.

This is the internal link that you should read and study for this section of your studies:

1. Notify me that you have completed Plan #3 and want to commence Plan #4 (Kabbalah). Use this quick form.

2. Kabbalah

3. Go to the Assignment Forum (ES2) and post a short posting on the tradition of the Kaballah".

These are the internal links that you should refer to, for study and research during the time you are reading and studying the above page. Keep these in mind during your studies. These important links are also found on the Home Page listed under "Reference Pages".

1. Recommended Textbooks - #1, "An Encyclopedic Outline Of Masonic, Hermetic, Quabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy" - The sections of the Quabbala (same as Cabbalah or Kabbalah), in this book should be used to amplify your studies in this subject. The colored plates will also facilitate your study. The other books should be used for reference, where appropriate.

2. The Virtual Library Of Mysticism and Comparative Religion - Continue your studies in Greek Philosophy - #11. Start Studying Comparative Religion, known as World Scripture - #7 on this virtual library. Study it as a secondary subject along with your other studies. You may choose the method that appeals to you. Usually you can pick a subject like Soul, and read what it means in all of the the various scriptures of the world. As you study the index you will devise your own plan. You will probably be studying world scripture continually, as you study Mysticism.

3. Meditation For Beginners. - Spend a lot more time in Meditation. You should have mastered the basic concept on the Meditation Page and have progressed well into Kit #4 as recommended. Continue with Insight Meditation until you finish. Start the meditations in the Meditation Room during the time you are also studying Kit #4. If you are having problems with this study, please contact me.

4. The Mystical Code of Life. - You should work on this constantly during your studies. It might take a year from the time you started with this e-study, to make this entire code part of you life. You should have adopted a good number of these in your life by now.

5. FAQ - Refer to this page periodically to check for updates.

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