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Your Study Plan:
No. 3 - Rosicrucianism
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Read and study the Rosicrucianism Page as well as the following other pages and tasks that pertain to this subject. Study the pages in the order in which they appear below. You can continue to study the Rosicrucian Page while you are studying these other pages.

These are the internal links that you should read and study for this section of your studies:

1. Notify me that you have completed Plan #2 and want to commence Plan #3 (Rosicrucianism). Use this quick form.

2. Rosicrucianism

3. Actuality and Reality - Knowledge Of these Terms Is Very Important To All Mystics.

4. The Ancient Elements - Air, Earth, Water, Fire. Their Significance To The Study of Mysticism.

5. Light, Life, and Love - A short Discourse To Acqaint The Student With These Terms And Their Importance In Mysticism.

6. Evil and Black Magick - A Short Page Explaining These Important Principles To Students Of Mysticism.

7. Metaphysical Self Treatment - An Excellent Way To Administer Self Care.

8. Rosicrucian Vowel Sounds are very important in the practice of Rosicrucianism. Study and meditate on the importance of these universal sounds.

9. Egregore - An Explaination Of This Subject, So Important To Students Of Mysticism.

10. Liber 777 - Created by Dr. H. Spencer Lewis

11. Go to the Assignment Forum (ES2) and post The Results you have entering The Celestial Sanctum after studying #10 above and also studying the recommended electronic book on the preface to #10 above.".

12. The True Invisible Rosicrucian Order.

13. Dedication To Master Kut-Hu-Mi.

14. The Lost Word - Find Your Lost Word, To Create In Your Life.

15. The four Rosicrucian Imperators - A Short Biography Of The Imperators Since 1914.

16. Mystic Hall Of Fame.

17. Mysticism and World Religions.

18. Inter-Religious Tolerance, Acceptance, Understanding = World Peace.

19. Go to the Assignment Forum (ES2) and post an answer to the following question: Give us an explaination, in your own words, of Actuality and Reality.

These are the internal links that you should refer to, for study and research during the time you are reading and studying the above pages. Keep these in mind during your studies. These important links are also found on the Home Page listed under "Reference Pages".

1. Recommended Textbooks - Book #2, "Wisdom of the Mystic Masters". This book should be completed during this study plan. Book #1, "An Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic, Hermetic, Quabblistic and Rosicrucian Symbolic Philosophy"; section on Rosicrucianism, should be used as a text and as a reference to amplify the studies of textbook #2. Book #5, "Rosicrucian Manual". This book, if available, is a good reference for Rosicrucianism, including a handy dictionary of mystical terms. The other books should only be used where appropriate for reference. For your meditation link below, you will now study Kit #4 as directed on the link below.

2. The Virtual Library Of Mysticism and Comparative Religion - Continue Studying Greek Philosopy along with your Rosicrucian studies above.

3. Meditation For Beginners. - Important in all your studies. Keep referring to and studying this link. Start reading and practicing Insight Meditation with Sharon Salzberg and Joseph Goldstein's Kit #4.

4. The Mystical Code of Life. - You should work on this constantly during your studies. It might take a year from the time that you started this study to make this entire code part of you life. This code is as important as your studies.

5. FAQ - Refer to this page periodically to check for updates.

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