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Your Study Plan For:
No. 2 - Hermeticism
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The study of Hermeticism is a very important subject in Mysticism. It is probably one of the most important. The Western Mystical Tradition is based on Hermeticism, even Rosicrucianism is based on it. Some of the other pages could have been included under Rosicrucianism, but for this study, the pages are more appropriate to be included with Hermeticism. In these studies it is the major subject, other sub-divisions become minor, but still important. Subjects like actuality/reality, etc. are more appropriate with the study of Rosicrucianism.

As you progress in your study of the Hermeticism Page, you may read the other sixteen pages and tasks in the order they are listed. Start out by studying Hermeticism alone for awhile, and then you may gradually add the other pages. If you do not understand a page, put it aside and read it again later, after you have "absorbed" more Hermeticism. I am sure, you will find these studies very interesting and Spiritually rewarding.

These are the internal links that you should read and study for this section of your studies:

1. Notify me that you have completed Plan 1 and want to commence Plan #2 (Hermeticism). Use this quick form.

2. Hermeticism Page

3. Mysticism or Religion? - I have Checked Out Mysticism and I Think I Prefer To Join A Church Instead.

4. Creed Of Peace - A Practical Approach. An Interesting And Important Document Written By Imperator Ralph Lewis, Stating that World Peace Starts As A Personal Commitment.

5. Rosicrucian Hermetic and Alchemical Cross - First Part

6. Rosicrucian Hermetic and Alchemical Cross - Second Part

7. Go to the Assignment Forum E2 and post an answer to the following queston: Give us a short definition, in your own words of the Rosicrucian Hermetic and Alchemical Cross?"

8. Reincarnation - An Important Doctrine To Mysticism. It Also Is Important To Many Religions And Should Be Included In Christianity,As It Once Was.

9. Karma or The Law Of Compensation - Important To Understanding Mysticism.

10. The Still Small Voice Within.

11. I Am The One - A Poem by Michael Levy That Makes The Page above: "The Still Small Voice Within" More Understandable.

12. The Sanctum - Library Or Study Area: The Importance Of Having A Regular Place For Study And Meditation.

13. The God Of Our Hearts - Our Reality Of God Changes As We Advance In Mysticism.

14. Meister Eckhart and Mysticism - God. - Anonymous Author.

15. The Soul - The Definition Of Soul As Given By Dr. H. Spencer Lewis In The Rosicrucian Manual.

16. Spirit - Pervading All Of Nature, Even Unconscious Matter.

17. Good Health For Students Of Mysticism.

18. Go to the Assignment Forum E2, and post a definition for the God of your heart?.

These are the internal links that you should refer to, for study and research during the time you are reading and studying the above pages. Keep these in mind during your studies. These important links are also found on the Home Page listed under "Reference Pages".

1. Recommended Textbooks - Textbook No. 1 - "An Encyclopedic Outline Of Masonary, Hermetic, Quabbalistic and Rosicrucian Symbolical Philosophy", should be used as a text and reference for your studies on this plan. As a Text, use the section on Hermeticism. There will be duplication with your internet studies, but use it to clarify various obscure areas. The other books on this page can also be used for reference, where appropriate.

2. The Virtual Library Of Mysticism and Comparative Religion - This document is very important to your studies. It is recommended that you should get an introduction to Greek Philosophy. Use this page to study some Greek Philosophy - #11. You will study it slowly, along with your other studies from now on.

3. Meditation For Beginners. - Important in all your studies. Continue with your warming exercise and breath counting meditation. This link is to teach you the "mechanics of meditation". You will learn to adapt this procedure to Mysticism as you advance further in your studies and evolvement.

4. The Mystical Code of Life. - You should work on this constantly during your studies. It might take a year to make this entire code part of you life. This code is as important as your studies.

5. FAQ - Refer to this page periodically to check for updates.

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