CRC - also known as: ........ Frater Christian Rosy Cross ........ Christian Rosy Cross ........ Frater Christian Rose Cross ........ Christian Rose Cross ........ Frater Christian Rosencreutz ........ Frater CRC ........ Father CRC ........

The name Christian Rosencreutz, or all the variations that are used, as found above, is misunderstood by some historians that are not acquainted with Mysticism. They state that this entity is the founder of the Rosicrucian/Hermetic Fraternity. They are not aware that this name has been used by several in the past, as a fictitious, ideal or archetype for their spiritual path. As an example, Sir Francis Bacon, Imperator of the Rosicrucian Order, used this fictitious name when he wrote the world famous "Fama Fraternitatis". Some Mystics also used this mystical name as a code when they desired to remain anonymous. In some cases it was to avoid being persecuted by the powerful "church" in the middle ages and even in later years in countries that gave the "church" unlimited power.

Frater C.R.C. was conceived as a mythical figure with composite ideals as found in many famous Mystics. He was a "super type entity" or "archetype", that had all the good Mystical traits of the time. This is also true for some of the founders of various religions. They were also fictitious or mythical individuals that were ideals of the time. In later years they were thought to be actual persons. This is not true of Rosicrucianism/Hermeticim. The mythical entity was created to serve as an ideal for the student mystic to follow. The big difference between religions and Mysticism is that the ideal composite entity is always known as such by mystical students. In some religions this ideal entity has been declared an actual person. "Special Divine" power of the individual is always the explaination given for their advanced spirituality. As mystics, we know that all of us have the same divine power that we can use as we learn how to use it in the proper way.

As we study the various Rosicrucian and Hermetic documents we should use Frater CRC as our ideal in our mystical work. In the middle ages Rosicrucian and Hermetic writings were more related to Christianity, but today, all the religions of the world are considered. The name "Christian" Rosencreutz shows this connection to early Christianity. Many of the mythical principles were adopted, but they were known to be mythical in nature. Religionists today interpret many of the mythical principles as factual, making them impotent to the student.

For those that want to read the Fama Fraternitatus by Sir Francis Bacon or other basic Rosicrucian/Hermetic Documents that explain more about Frater CRC, I will take you to "Embark To Mysticism Website", please click here. For interesting commentaries from two other sources that you might want to check out, see: source 1   and   source 2.

This Rosicrucian, Hermetic Alchemical Cross,
predates Chrisianity.

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