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What does this signify on the Home Page?

CRC Community - Private.
Index of Mysticism Pages.
Portal or Entrance Page.
1 - Preface               2 - Introduction               3 - Navigate
Virtual Library of Mysticism and Comparative Religion.
What's this?

The Home Page is in three sections or parts to facilitate loading time. You can always go conveniently from one part to another. Click on one of the three parts to go there. To view the complete Home, or for first time visitors: First go to the "1 - Preface", then "2 - Introduction", and then finally, go to "3 - Navigation". The blinking link shows which link, if any, is in use.

If you click on the Egyptian Cross link on top, it will take you to the CRC Community, a Restricted Area for members only - A site related to this site.

If you click on the "" Link, it will take you to the entrance page, known as "Portal".

If you click on the upper color border or "Index" link, you will go to the "Index Of Mysticism Pages", and the lower border or "Library" link, you will go to the "Virtual Library of Mysticsm" on this site.

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