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Completion Of Embark To Mysticism E-study.

You have completed the e-study program. Remember to review the pages as needed. "The Virtual Library of Mysticism and Comparative Religion" and other referance pages are listed separately on the Homepage under "Reference Pages". If you want to study or do research on any aspect of Mysticism, or any related field, this Virtual Library will be very useful.

Please notify me that you have completed this program. Remember, this advancement is a milestone in your life, but you will always be a student; there is always much more to learn. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

After taking your final examination by email and preparing a short thesis on advanced Mysticism that will be published in our Forum, On passing, you will be awarded the Fraternal Degree: A.R.C. and will be listed on a special web page, as having completed the "Embark To Mysticism" E-Study Program.

Serafine Anthony Lemos

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