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A. Copy questions below to your computer clipboard.
B. Paste questions to email system below, or any other email you prefer to send.
C. Type the answers right after each question that you want to change.
D. Send the email to me and I will update your listing on the Community List.
E. If "copy and paste" is not familiar to you, just send me an email answering any of the eleven questions you want to change: Thank You!

1. What is your full name?:

2. What is your email address?

3. What is your telephone number: (Strongly recommended, but optional)

4. What is your gender?

5. Are you single or married?

6. Where are you from: (Give city and country)

7. What mystical organizations do you belong: (list them here)

8. What year did you start to study Mysticism?

9. What are your hobbies?

10. Do you meditate regularly?

11. If you have your own personal website, please list it here:

For Updating Your Community List.

Type your full name and email address above and
paste your update questions below. Answer the questions
right on the email, after each question.

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Serafine Anthony Lemos - Hayward, CA, USA