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2 - Introduction

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Peace Is Possible

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Pyramids of Khafra and Khufu, the Sphinx and two Temples At Giza, (two views).
This artwork, transcribed with grateful thanks to Mark Millmore at his website: Ancient Egypt.
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Mysticism and Rosicrucianism today are a result of the Ancient Mystery Schools of Egypt. These Study Centers were famous world-wide for training students in Mysticism. They used many of the methods that are still used today: allegories, meditation, initiation, etc. Students would go to Egypt to further their education and improve their Spiritual Path from many of the countries of the world. Our Study Centers today for Rosicrucianism are still considered Mystery Schools. When you later delve into more Egyptology, you will be amazed at the connection. Evidence has been found in Egypt that points to this heritage, but we must remember that the word "Rosicrucian" was not used in Ancient Egypt. It only goes back to the fifteenth century in Europe. Some ancient evidence of the symbols of the Rosy Cross have been found in Egypt. A limestone rose and cross was discovered and is on exhibit at the Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California, USA. The Mystery Schools are not only important to Mysticism and Rosicrucianism, but to our present day civilization as we know it.

Francis Bacon
S ir Francis Bacon 1561-1626

Imperator of the Rosicrucians and Leader of other Mystics in the Sixteenth Century, Author of the now internationally famous book called the Fama Fraternitatis to which he signed a fictitious name of Christian Rosenkreutz --meaning Rosy Cross. It is also believed that he authored the Shakespeare Plays. He published a book called the New Atlantis that later, in 1693, caused a group of Rosicrucians, Masons and other Mystics, from Europe, to charter a ship to embark to the "New Atlantis" --America.

T hey established communities for many years, first at Philadelphia, then at Euphrates, Pennsylvania, where some of the original buildings still stand. These communities grew into a large and potent power of considerable importance in the affairs of the birth of the American nation, as can be seen by records in Philadelphia and Washington. Bacon's New Atlantis and Plato's Republic considered the Utopian Dream were actually realized in the American Democratic Republic form of government, the first on Earth, from whence others would follow.

W e are indebted to England and all the European nations for developing the Mystical Sciences to the extent that they did and sharing them with a new country - America.

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Interactive: Mysticism and God.

Mysticism is the intimate and direct awareness of the Cosmic. The study of Cosmic laws and principles brings man into closer consciousness of his divine power. The tools of the Mystic are attunement, contemplation and meditation. Mysticism is not mystery or religion; it is a realization of a universal force or energy which could be called the Cosmic or God. This study and preparation imposes upon man a moral obligation to utilize this knowledge for the welfare of man.

Lets look at the subject in more practical terms: Mysticism is the Study of "The Source" or the Cosmic God and the interaction with man, as well as everything that God created, including the entire Universe. Man is a co-creator with God. God created man in his own image making man Divine, or a part of God. Man is more important than man realizes. The study of Mysticism guides the student to become what God originally intended him to be. The "downfall of man" was when he no longer knew what he was. He then became "separated" from God. God gave man will power, so it is possible to return to mans former divine state. The study of Mysticism teaches about the Cosmic Laws, so that spiritual evolution is possible. It is not an easy study and practice, but it can transform your life toward what God intended it to be.

You can interact with us by reading a short treatise on "The God Of My Heart" and then giving us your idea of what you feel God really is, on our Forum Board:

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