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Your Study Plan For:
[Place this page on your computer "Favorites" for easy reference while you are studying this section]

Read and study the Hermaticism Page, as well as these...............

These are the internal links that you should read and study for this section of your studies:

These are the internal links that you should refer to, for study and research during the time you are reading and studying the above pages. Keep these in mind during your studies. These important links are also found on the Home Page listed under "Reference Pages".

1. Preparation Of A Mystic. - Refer to this often, to make sure you are not overlooking anything. The extra Philosophy study is also important as stated on this page.

2. The Virtual Library Of Mysticism and Comparative Religion"> This document is very important to your studies. refer to it often!

3. Meditation For Beginners. - Important in all your studies. Keep refering to and studying it often during all of your studies.

4. The Mystical Code of Life. - You should work on this constantly during your studies. It might take a year to make this entire code part of you life. This code is as important as your studies.

5. FAQ - Refer to this page periodically to check for updates.

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