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Members of this site are the "Council" mentioned on the public and member Metaphysical Aid Page. Each member
renders aid according to his training and understanding. If you are a beginner in Mysticism, and
are not familar with the technique, use prayer, which is still very important in the process.

Maggie LeStage
Teresa Marie Tait
Ihiabe Ugbede Lewis
Larry R. Staton
Amoniyi Olushina Joe Syl
Kennedy Akwafuo
Margaret Lestage
Charles George Wheelock
Juan Jose Moreno Franco
Philip Walker
Kennedy Ononiwu
Kingsley and Mary Idiagbor
Mark Lemos-Lima
Carlos Franchini
Carlos Franchini, Jr.
Carmen B.
Carmen Franchini
Martyn Green
Elwin Meyers
Fay Miller
Karen Walker
Samuel/Joshua/Rea/Jeremy Wheeler

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Serafine Anthony Lemos - Hayward, CA, USA