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Communication And Other Matters For Students Of Mysticism

The reason for this page, is to explore ways that students and others interested in Mysticism, can find ways to communicate with each other. It can seem like a lonely world when you are interested in Mysticism and can't find anyone to talk to on your favorite subject. I am trying to facilitate communication by adding a collection of ideas. Remember that this is a restricted area, so the chances of finding compatible buddies is enhanced greatly.

Telephone and Voice E-Mail
This means of Communication is now included under Messenger Service, so it will not be considered as a seperate subject. You may check it out for your own information.
Click Here For Net2phone.

MSN Messenger Service
This service is available for most systems. This is now the leading method of communication between computors. It can also be private between groups. I have downloaded it, but I have had trouble finding others that also have the same system installed. You might look into this method on the link below. This will enhance our present e-mail system. If you want to use it, maybe we can get other members to use it also. Let me know how you feel about this method. Check link below:
MSN Messenger Service

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